Some hiking and climbing photos from July and September 2019 on the Italian Front

Belts of WW1 barbed wire can still be found on the Adamello

A 149mm Italian howitzer that was dragged across the Adamello glacier and up to 11,000ft

An Austro-Hungarian machine-gun position on Kleine Pal in the Carnic Alps

Climbing the Via Ferrata Senza Confini (VF4C) to the Italian Front Line

A very beautiful place to have a war

Austro-Hungarian gun positions in the Carnic Alps

Harry exploring Italian positions on the Costabella ridge in the Dolomites

Unexploded shrapnel shell amongst the wire at 12,000ft on the Adamello

The crater in the foreground was made by a 35 tonne Italian mine under the Castelletto (left) in 1916